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Kernan Manual Physical Therapy, LLC

Thank you for finding me!
KMPT was formed to bring greater patient care to physical therapy by integrating multiple treatment approaches, one-on-one centered time and collaboration with clients as responsible contributors of their health and well-being in order to bring successful outcomes toward return to pain free and fully functional living.

Mission Statement
KMPT focuses on individualized care encompassing the whole person in a biopsychosocial approach to treatment by integrating multiple treatment modalities. We emphasize taking into consideration the input of the client as a collaborative partner in recovery of their health and well being.

Specializing in:
Visceral-Neural-Vascular Manipulation &
Energetic Balancing

Visceral Manipulation (VM) was developed by world-renowned French Osteopath and Physical Therapist Jean-Pierre Barral. VM is beneficial for many disorders as you can see in Conditions We Treat. This treatment focuses on assisting functional and structural imbalances in the body that can include: musculoskeletal, vascular, nervous, urogenital, respiratory, digestive and lymphatic dysfunction. It includes an integrative approach to evaluation and treatment incorporating relationships of organ systems and fascial connections. VM can often be helpful as adjunct to conventional physical therapy, with gastrointestinal disorders or symptoms, and chronic pain as well as other conditions. Energetic balancing assists to release built up tensions and stress patterns associate with physical, emotional, mental experiences. These also can manifest in our structural and functional make-up leading to pain and limitations to movement.  To find out more click the links to the Barral and D'Ambrogio Institute websites.
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